What is Solihullhour?

With the advent of Twitter, as a popular social media platform, came Twitter ‘hours’ for the whole of the UK Tillison.co.uk. Twitter users realised that Twitter was a very powerful medium and it made sense to develop a Twitter hour one day a week at a specific time when people within a specific community e.g. the West Midlands or those interested in Travel & Tourism, could come together and talk to each other.

Back in 2013, Trish Willetts and Jessie Hancox were about to open their brand new children’s wear and gift shop, Jurnie (formerly BB Boutique) on Solihull High Street and Jessie, looking at her marketing strategy, cottoned on to the power of these ‘hours’ and decided to set up @Solihullhour. Since its launch in April 2013, @Solihullhour has reached over 7,000 followers. @Solihullhour is a business platform for the local community allowing followers to come onto Twitter on a Tuesday night between 7pm and 8pm to talk to other businesses and to promote their businesses and events. If you are new to Twitter and want to understand how Twitter works and the significance of the @ and the #, please go to ‘How To’ where Jessie will talk you through the process, step by step.

As a result of its popularity and number of followers, @Solihullhour is now achieving a reach of 2 million! A phenomenal marketing tool and TOTALLY FREE.

In addition to @Solihullhour on Twitter, the team has a Facebook page where they share community news and events .

How can Solihullhour benefit my business?

When addressing our business marketing strategy and tactical plan as business owners and marketers, it can be overwhelming when considering what tools to use. If Solihull businesses and consumers are one of your target audiences, being involved in @Solihullhour is a crucial tool for your marketing plan. Our very own Nikki Radvanyi increased her turnover by 156% within 12 months of being involved with @Solihullhour.

The growing number of followers and potential reach of 2 million businesses cannot be ignored. All this visibility for free!

In addition to @Solihullhour on Twitter, there is also the Solihullhour on Facebook and the face to face quarterly Tweet-Ups, where businesses get to put faces to the tweets. For more information about Tweet-Ups, please go to Future Events. Solihullhour is a multi-platform marketing tool!

Don’t just take it from us, here is what some of followers have to say.

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